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Your home’s exterior building wrap is inspected to ensure maximum mould and moisture protection. Electrical, plumbing and HVAC rough-in stage inspections are also conducted to confirm they have been properly installed.

What is a Holmes Approved Home?

Better Inspections
As Southern Alberta's exclusive builder in this program, your home will undergo a series of home inspections throughout its construction, including on-site field reviews by fully trained and approved Mike Holmes inspectors, providing you with a thorough, transparent record of the quality and value that exists behind your walls.

The Best Techniques
Tested building techniques and products that have consistently proven their value and benefits will be used in the construction of your home to beautifully support and protect your investment tomorrow.

A Healthier Home
From the air you breathe to the systems you use, your home will be safer, healthier and more durable thanks to superior products and materials incorporated into every feature of your home.

For Your Piece of Mind
Whether you’re looking for a home to grow old in or a home to grow healthier in, the Holmes Approved Homes program provides confidence in your investment. You and your family can feel secure in your choice of a better, more durable home that’s been built right from the ground up.

I am proud to welcome Bezooyen Contracting Inc. into my Holmes Approved Homes program. They are dedicated to building homes right. They know that a home is only as good as the construction that stands behind it, and that real value comes from building it right from the ground up.

Bezooyen Contracting Inc. is about quality over quantity. They look at every detail and work with you, one-on-one, your budget and your goals so that you get the home of your dreams. They offer guaranteed warranty support and access to highly certified design personnel that can help you incorporate innovative and practical construction features that support your lifestyle.

Bezooyen built their reputation on building some of the most beautifully crafted homes in Alberta. They’ve won numerous “Building The Best” awards over the years. But now, through the Holmes Approved Homes program, they are building quality custom homes with enhanced fire-, moisture- and mould-resistance, greater durability and higher energy-efficiency.

When you choose a Bezooyen Holmes Approved Home, you are choosing a home that’s built to last. My inspectors come in and examine your house at different stages of construction. They document everything they see so you can relax and focus on creating a home that’s perfect for you and your family—we make sure its built right.

Peace of mind is what we’re about. Building right is what we’re about. Giving you a quality custom home that is healthy, strong and protected is what we’re about.

Do you really get what you give? I believe it. And together, Bezooyen Contracting and I are setting a new standard that is taking residential construction to the next level—and it starts with your home.

Mike Holmes
President, The Holmes Group

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